Hard Drive Data Recovery using eDATA Unerase

DATA Unerase Personal Edition

Program to Restore Deleted Files.


  • Recovers files from FAT12/16/32 and NTFS hard drives, memory sticks, USB flash drives, memory cards, removable media and more.
  • Recovers files which have been removed or emptied from Recycle Bin.
  • Recovers files which have been deleted through normal methods, such as accidental deletion.
  • Easy sorting of deleted file list.

System requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • 64 megabytes of RAM (128 or more megabytes recommended).
  • Hard drive or another storage such as Iomega Zip, Jazz , Orb, USB 'Pen Drive', LS-120, floppy disk or other removable media types for save recovered files.
  • FAT12/16/32 or NTFS

The following files are supported:

  • Documents and archives
    .txt .rtf .doc .xls .ppt .pps .pot .pdf .arj .cab .gz .gzip .jar .rar .zip .lzh .tar
    .chm .hlp .gid .bak .pas .bas .c .cpp .h .wab .pab .mbx .pst .dbx .msg .log
  • Web Pages
    .htm .html .asp .php .jsp .cfm .aspx .xml .css
  • Applications and databases
    .exe .com .bat .pif .ocx .dll .msi .dat .ini .inf .sys .vbs .vxd .drv .scr .cpl .msc
    .mdb .mdf .db .dbf .gdb .qbw
  • Multimedia
    .wav .avi .mov .mp3 .au .aif .aiff .mid .midi .rmi .asx .wax .mpg .mpeg .qt .asf
    .ra .rm .ram .voc .swf .wm .wma .wmv

Restrictions of freeware:

  • The Personal Edition allows you to recover deleted files using only a Quick Scan facility.
  • The Personal Edition doesn't allow you to use search filter option and full scan mode.
  • The Personal Edition cannot recover lost files.

The following files are NOT supported:

  • Pictures and images
    .jpeg .gif .bmp .png .riff .crw .nef .mrw .dcr .raf .orf .tif .tiff .psd .pdd .eps .ai
    .raw .pcx .pcd .sct .tga .vda .icb .vst .pct .pict .rle .dib .wmf .ico .fon .ttf .pxr

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