Remove Spyware using CWShredder

CWShredder (Freeware)

CWShredder finds and removes traces of CoolWebSearch. CoolWebSearch is a name given to a wide range of different browser hijackers. Though the code is very different between variants, they are all used to redirect users to and other sites affiliated with its operators.

The CoolWebSearch Trojan installs dozens of links in Favourites, mostly to porn sites on your desktop; it also adds toolbar to Internet Explorer and changes your homepage without asking you. and it also significantly slows down the performance of your computer, and it modify some files which cause Windows to freeze, crash, random reboot etc.


Start CWShredder and you can choose "Fix"


If your computer has Trojans then you can fix it by clicking Next.

"CoolWebSearch encompasses a wide family of browser hijacker spyware programs. This spyware is frequently updated, to avoid anti-spyware software from removing it. CWShredder is widely regarded as the only solution to effectively remove CoolWebSearch spyware. " - (PC Magazine, August 2004)


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