Home Keylogger 1.7

Home Keylogger is a piece of spy software that intercepts all keyboard input and writes it to a log file. This free program can work in stealth mode and is next to impossible to detect. Only the person who knows a special key combination can control Home Keylogger. It presents the logged data in a neat way that is easy to read, but at the same time it fixes every event that has been done. Every keystroke is written to the log file with the title of the window that was active at that moment. The program's primary area of application is parental and spousal control. This security agent lets you monitor the sites your family members access (even if they clean the browser history and cache) and control their talks in online chat rooms. You can also control the use of e-mail and instant-messaging software. Another possible use of Home Keylogger is data backup. Some antivirus program may not let you use this because the nature of the program. (**** zip password: hiren.info)
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