Freeware Tools

Webcam Diagnostics 1.02

Webcam Diagnostics is a simple assistant which gathers many system and Web cam-related information in a single place. It makes it easy to identify some driver installation problems or USB issues: red circles will signal serious issues and yellow triangles will signal minor issues. Right-click a reported issue to access the context menu and click the Fix menu so that the program attempts to fix the issue or shows you a possible way to fix it.
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PdfEdit 7.7

Create PDF files from any application by simply selecting the print command. Preview documents, combine files, change page orientation, add "Confidential" stamps, create PDF stationery, adjust image resolution, summarize documents, convert PDFs to several image file formats, create batch print jobs from Microsoft Office applications, and choose from several file-naming methods. Encrypt or digitally sign your PDF documents. This download contains all the features of PDF995, with additional support for PDF-to-HTML and PDF-to-DOC conversions.
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Drive Cleaner 1.07

Drive Cleaner is a system cleaner and optimizer that cleans up unused temporary files and recent file lists from your computer. While doing this it improves overall performance and reliability for your PC while gaining your precious hard-disk space back that has been lost overtime. Drive Cleaner efficiently erases tracks left behind by Windows, Internet Explorer, and a wide variety of third party applications. While Drive Cleaner does one thing, you gain two. New added analyze mode to scan without deleting and Uninstaller to the Tools Section, a Startup List Viewer, Personalized File, Folder and Registry Key Support, option to save important cookies etc.
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CD Recover 1.0

This is a lossy disc copying program. Designed for recovering as much information as possible from a corrupted file. The program is optimized for recovering corrupt video data from CDs. Supports multiple file retrieval methods. Say goodbye to CRC errors at the end of a file copy.
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RefreshLock 2.21

Fed up of getting 60Hz or 75Hz in your favourite OpenGL/Direct3D/DirectX games (e.g. Quake 1/2/3, Half-Life, Unreal, or Deus Ex) instead of the 120Hz your display adapter & monitor are capable of? Yes? Then download this FREE program, and enjoy higher display frequencies without the hassle of installing special drivers!
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RegSentry 1.3

RegSentry is a registry key monitoring application that sits in your system tray and notifies you of changes to important registry keys that Internet Worms, or Spyware programs may add to the registry database. It includes functionality to revert changes and delete values. Notifications are via a flashing icon in the system tray or a pop-up warning dialog.
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Gmail Notifier 1.0

The Gmail Notifier is a downloadable Windows application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have unread Gmail messages, and shows you their subjects, senders and snippets, all without your having to open a web browser. When you install the Notifier, you will be able to automatically check for new messages every two minutes. see a snippet of text from up to 30 unread messages, select a sound to indicate when you have new mail, and make Gmail your default e-mail application.
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Network Password Recovery 1.24

This utility recovers all network passwords stored on your system for the current logged-on user. You can recover:

  • Login passwords of remote computers on your LAN.
  • Passwords of mail accounts on exchange server (stored by Outlook 2003)
  • Password of MSN Messenger / Windows Messenger accounts
  • Internet Explorer 7: passwords of password-protected Web sites ("Basic Authentication" or "Digest Access Authentication")

Some antivirus program may not let you use this because the nature of the program. (**** zip password:
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FontsOnCD 0.9

FontsOnCD is a powerful font browsing utility that allows you to browse your TrueType fonts without waste of system resources. Major FontsOnCD feature - tiny size and possibility to write a program on CD jointly with your font collection for automatic browsing. You can place FontsOnCD in any folder of your CD image and the program will show all TrueType fonts existing on disk starting by root disk folder.
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Multi Virus Cleaner 2006 6.4

Multi Virus Cleaner is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove major viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when cleaning infected systems. Multi Virus Cleaner is regularly updated and can detect hundreds of common viruses, worms, Trojans, and dialers (including all variants of the Sober, MyDoom, Nyxem and Bagle viruses). The program offers a scanner that requires minimal processing power for repairing a compromised system. Multi Virus Cleaner detects over 2,800 viruses variants. This version detects over 2,800 threats.
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