Freeware Tools

Bodie's Favorites 1.0

This is a program with which will be able to generate a HTML file, with all the links that you possess as favorites Internet Explorer. Useful if you need to access to the same ones from another PC, from a cyber, if you want to put the HTML page generated in your web site, etc.
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Ghost It 1.03

Ghost-It runs in the system tray, and lets you turn windows into ghost windows. A ghost window is translucent and will always appear on top of other windows. When a ghost window loses the input focus, it remains translucent and always on top, but all clicks will pass right through it like it wasn't even there--until it becomes the active window again, either by clicking on the window's taskbar icon, or by pressing a user-defined hot key. You can configure the translucency levels of both active and inactive ghost windows, along with the hot key used to activate a window.
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WeatherGopher 0.75.2

WeatherGopher displays the weather conditions and temperature in the system tray. It Displays the weather conditions when you hold the mouse over the temperature. Though lacking extensive features, it is hard not to appreciate WeatherGopher's clean, unobtrusive design.
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Access 9X Database Password 1.0

Access 9X Database Password instantly recovers Access 95 and 97 database passwords. You can use the standard shortcut keys and shortcut menus to select, copy and paste the recovered password. Access 9X Database Password is freeware.
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MemDefrag 1.1

MemDefrag is a simple console application to defragment windows memory, and increase performance on low memory machines. It can improve your system performance if you run it just before starting a memory intensive task or application. Similar to all the other memory optimizers, however this one is bare bones without bells and whistles. Does the same job though.
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Free Mobile Ringtones 1.1

Free Mobile Ringtones provides you access to the latest free ringtone offers, where you can get the latest free ringtones sent directly to your cell phone without needing cables, SMS, Bluetooth, or anything else other than your phone. Simply choose an offer and get the ring tones sent to you. You can get ringtones, including Polyphonic, MP3 ringtones and Realtones, as well as wallpapers and games. Works with most cell phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, and most ringtone capable mobile phones.
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X-RayPC Spyware Process Analyzer 1.00.1

X-RayPC Spyware Process Analyzer is as a tool to assist expert spyware researchers in quicly analyzing a PC. It performs a quick scan of all active processes, auto-start programs, BHOs, and IE Download Program Files/Plugins, and marks items as Good, Bad or Undetermined. The program does not provide a full, in-depth scan by any means, and is not intended to replace your anti-spyware defenses, but rather to compliment them. X-RayPC Spyware Process Analyzer is small and portable, you can put it on a USB stick and scan a computer without having to install any software. Since the queries are performed via an online database, there are no signature updates required either. If the program finds a Bad item, you can choose to deactivate it immediately, and also export the results as report.
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Stoik Capturer 1.0

Stoik Capturer allows you to capture video from DV camcorder or any analog video source such as TV tuner, video card, Webcam. Capture to AVI or WMV with selected codec or profile. Option to capture through temporary file (direct from capture devices without recompression) to avoid drop frames during recompression. Split capture file by size to override file size limitations. Ability to control your DV camera or any device, which supports device control from Capturer. Ability to output DV AVI to DV camcorder.
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KL-Detector 1.0

Use KL-Detector to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge. It is designed to be able to detect all keyloggers. And it's free.
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BurnCDCC 2.00a

This utility is used to burn an ISO file to a CD/DVD/BD disc. Many new systems come with a limited CD/DVD software package that lacks the ability to burn ISO files.
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