Freeware Tools

Boot Screen Builder For Windows Xp 2.50

BootXP is an easy to use startup logo changer designed for Windows 2000 and XP. Use bitmap files or kernel files as sources. Show animated full screen previews of the screens, you will see it as if you were booting. It also makes a copy of your kernel and have a safe install/uninstall progress.
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Hard Disk Indicator 1.0

Add your hard-disks led at your system tray. This tiny program Works only on Win2k & XP systems.
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Trillian Password Reset 1.0

This software gives people the ability to reset forgotten Trillian passwords. Now you can reset the password you forgot without having to reinstall Trillian. This is not a password reset for the IM services that are tied in to Trillian. It is for the profiles built in to Trillian only.
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MultiRes 1.49

MultiRes is a 32-bit alternative to QuickRes, which adds refresh rate and multi-monitor support, as well as optional timed confirmation prompts. The little utility supports Windows 9x/Me/NT4, as well as Windows 2000 and XP.
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RegCompact.NET 2.0

Solves the problem of registry bloat by rewriting the registry hives into new files which are completely optimised and often much smaller. Your computer is restarted after the registry hives are compacted and during system startup the old, fragmented files are replaced with the newly generated and optimized ones.(Last freeware version)
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Surveillance Scan 2.0

Surveillance Scan is a motion sensitive webcam utility, allowing you to initiate captures unattended, as soon as motion is detected in the target area. The scan frequency and sensitivity can be adjusted according to your preferences. Easy to use.
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Clean My Registry 3

The Windows Registry is a crucial part of your PC's operation system. Regular use of computer makes the registry fragmented and cluttered with obsolete and invalid data. Clean My Registry software keeps this critical part of your PC in perfect condition. Just clean registry in a blink of an eye for free.
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NTFS Access 2.1

If you are a Windows user, who has lost access to their folders/files (user account folders in Documents And Settings cannot be accessible), for example, after system reinstallation, use NTFS Access to regain access. NTFS Access can be also helpful if you want to access to private folders/files of another system user account. This software can set new owner and full access rights. Program can give permissions recursively, so you do not have to repeat an action for each folder separately.

NTFS Access can:

  • Set folder/file owner.
  • Set full access rights to a given folder/file.
  • Give permissions recursively.

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EOM Password Recovery 1.1

Use this free application to view, save, copy to clipboard or selective delete such data as user name and password for the programs Internet Explorer (saved passwords), Outlook Express (including deleted e-mail accounts), and Microsoft Messenger.
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EasyUHA 1.1

GUI Tool to create and extract UHA Archives, includes UHARC.EXE in the download.
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