Freeware Tools

RegShot 1.8.2

RegShot is a small registry compare utility that allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your registry and then compare it with a second one - done after doing system changes or installing a new software product. The changes report can be produced in text or HTML format and contains a list of all modifications that have taken place between snapshot1 and snapshot2. In addition, you can also specify folders (with sub filders) to be scanned for changes as well.

What can I do with REGSHOT?

  • Windows itself or some system-optimize program may change your registry,you might wonder what they have done?
  • Many suspicious programs left trashes in your registry or in the file system,all those are done without notification!

RegShot can trace what they have done and clean the Mark they left!
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Internet Sweeper 1.8.4

Erase information stored in Windows about Internet sites visited. This program is free (although donations are appreciated) and fully functional. It automatically runs when the computer boots, the user logs in, or browsers are closed. It works with all 32-bit Windows programs and with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Navigator, Opera, and now AOL). It erases the cache, history, cookies, addresses, passwords, and temporary files, and closes pop-up windows in browsers, including AOL.
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Mega Drive Emulator 0.99a

The Second Most Popular Gaming Console Ever 'The Sega Mega Drive or Genesis' Is Now Emulated On PC With Many Additional Features Including Hi-Res Graphics, Audio, And Ajustable Controls For Either Keyboard or Gamepad. With Over 1500 Games To Choose From, Including Sega's Mascot Sonic, And Many More Its The ULTIMATE Addition For Your PC.
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Floppy Image 1.5.2

Creates image files of floppy disks and back (for backup, storage or transfer). You can choose to save the image file compressed, uncompressed or as a self-extracting exe file. You can also add descriptions to your image files.
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Smart Data Recovery 3.1

Smart Data Recovery is a data recovery tool for Windows operating system that supports the FAT and NTFS file systems. The software easily recovers data from hard disks, digital cameras, and any type of storage media - flash drives, USB drives, memory stick, PC card, multimedia card, secure digital card and diskette. Smart Data Recovery can recover any deleted files, including MS Office files, photos, mp3 and zip files.
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DisableLastAccess - NTFS speed improvement 1.0

Tired of low HDD speed Whenever NT/2000/XP reads a file, it stamps the file with the date and time of the access. This feature has its place but is not required for normal use unless you rely on the date of last access for backup purposes, which is a rare requirement for most backups. Putting a timestamp a file that has just been read means that a write access has to be made to disk, so every time a read is executed, a corresponding write is also executed. This small free batch file`s gonna solve this problem once and forever, automatically modifying internal system parameters.
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Remove on Reboot Shell Extension 1.0

Remove on Reboot Shell Extension is a simple but useful shell extension, that allows you to delete files automatically after the next reboot. This is useful if you need to deleted a file that is currently in use (locked) and cannot be deleted from within Windows. Just right-click and select "Delete on Reboot" and the file will be automatically deleted.
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BGInfo 4.16

BGInfo enables you to place system information on the desktop, so that is is easily available for review. You can define a custom background color, font settings, select the items to be included, and select a desktop position for the display. In addition to displaying the information, BGInfo also supports export of the data to a database source on the network, enabling you to consolidate system information from multiple machines to a single source.
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Trend Micro HouseCall 6.5

Trend Micro HouseCall is an application for checking whether your computer has been infected by viruses, spyware, or other malware. HouseCall performs additional security checks to identify and fix vulnerabilities to prevent reinfection.
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Motion Detection 1.02

This is an experimental application that saves still pictures and/or makes .avi files when anything in motion is detected in front of the selected webcam. The pictures and the frames of the movies are timestamped.
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