Never trust little old Indian women

A little old Indian woman went into Republic National Bank with a sack full of money. She plopped it onto the desk of the Bank president as she had wrangled her way into his office. He was an Indian man.

"Where did you get money like this?" he asked her.

"Well, you see." She answered him. "I make bets."

"Bets?" He wanted to know.

"Yes." She replied. "For instance, I'll bet you 25,000. you are not brown all over. I bet that under your shorts you are white."

"The Indian president of the Bank told her, "Well, I will take that bet." "I am brown all over."

"Okay," the wily old lady agreed. "However, tomorrow when we close the bet, I want my attorney with me. He is Indian too.

"Okay! Okay." The president of the bank was agreeable.

When he went home though he double checked to see if he was brown all over. After all 25,000. was at stake.

The next day when the little old Indian lady came in with her attorney, the president was ready for her.

The little old Indian woman told him. "I am not going to take your word for it. I want to see if you are brown all over."

The president thought for a moment and decided since it was, after all, 25,000 he would, indeed, drop his pants to show the little old Indian woman he was brown all over, which he did. He looked over at the Indian attorney who was banging his head against the wall.

"Why is he doing that?" The president asked.

The little old Indian woman answered, "Because I bet him 165,000 that the President of the Republic National Bank would drop his pants for me.