Funny Jokes

Computer Women

INTERNET woman:Woman of difficult access. SERVER woman:Always busy when you need her. WINDOWS woman:Everyone knows that she can't do a thing right, but no one can live without her. EXCEL woman:They say she can do a lot of things but you mostly use her for your four basic needs. SCREENSAVER woman:She is not worth for … Continue Reading

Shoe Repair

Arnold and his wife were cleaning out the attic one day when he came across a ticket from the local shoe repair shop. The date stamped on the ticket showed that it was over eleven years old. They both laughed and tried to remember which of them might have forgotten to pick up a pair … Continue Reading

Marriage in Heaven

A very happy couple, on the eve of their wedding day, is killed by two stray bullets in a robbery gone bad. At the pearly gates they approach St. Peter and ask, "Please,sir, we were just about to be married, is there any way we can have the ceremony uphere?" "Well," St. Peter replies, "It's … Continue Reading

An old man goes to his doctor

An old man goes to his doctor, complaining about a pain in his left leg that doesn't heal and wants a diagnosis and explanation. The doctor checks out his leg, but can't find anything wrong. So he gives the old guy a full physical exam, and still can't come up with any possible explanation for … Continue Reading

Bus Accident

There was a terrible bus accident. Unfortunately, no one survived the accident except a monkey which was on board and there were no witnesses. The police try to investigate further but they get no results. At last, they try to interrogate the monkey. The monkey seems to respond to their questions with gestures. Seeing that, … Continue Reading

Customer Mistakes with Technical Support

Customer: "I don't use DOS. What would happen if I deleted that directory?" Friend: "Does Windows 98 support Linux?" Customer: (angrily) "You said I would get 98 windows with this computer. Where are they?" --------------------------------------- Customer: "How much do Windows cost?" Tech Support: "Windows costs about $100." Customer: "Oh, that's kind of expensive. Can I … Continue Reading