Friendship SMS

Friendship SMS Post 11

Friendship is vast like Universe, Deep as Ocean, Ligh as Sky,
Strong as Iron, Kind as Mother, Cute as Me, and Sweet as You!
God has given us two gifts; One is choice and another is chance. Choice is to select a good friend and chance is to have a best one like You.
Days are too Busy; Hours are too Few; Seconds are too Fast, but there is always time for me to ask: How are you? and Hope you are Fine. Miss You!

Friendship SMS Post 12

Without humor, life sucks. Without courage, life is hard. Without love, life is hopeless. Without friends like You, Life is impossible!
Birth is the start of life, Beauty is the art of life, Mystery, Risk and Tensions are part of Life but friends like You are Heart of life.
Friends are amazing when they are new, they are wonderful when they are true, but do you know they are a Blessing when they are like You.

Friendship SMS Post 13

People say friends are made in heaven and they come in your life. But I made a friend like you in this world and made my life a heaven.
When things go bad and your strength is no longer enough to carry on don't give up, because where your strength ends my worth as your Friend begins.
Stars have 5 ends, squares have 4 ends, triangles have 3 ends, lines have 2 ends, life has 1 end, but I hope our friendship has no end.

Friendship SMS Post 14

God picked up a flower, dipped it in dew,
Lovingly touched it, which turned into you
and then he gifted it to me and said this friend is for you!
We are close enough to tell each other what we feel about our relationship. I can sum up our relationship in those three words: You are Lucky
Simple music can make u sing, simple hug can make u feel better; simple things can make u happy, hope that my simple Hi will make u smile.

Friendship SMS Post 15

When you are counting all your friends, the oldest, the best and the new... I would like to stand by your side and say two little words..."ME TOO"
Friendship is like war easy to start, difficult to end and impossible to forget. So I am having war with you, I hope you don't want peace.
If time slips away without a word from me, You don't have to worry about our friendship because feelings, beyond words, will always keep me Around!