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Name: Fabio Toledo

Location: Brazil

Great Jobs, for Hirens bootcd. Thank very much!!!!!

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Name: kuldeep patel

Location: arizona usa

all ur jokes are superb but i can only listen. Can u do something that u can also download in mp3 format. Plz i will wait 4 ur answer. Cause i m a huge fan of gujju jokes and i like to listen all time. Thanks

1732. no* 02.09.2009 19:48:00

Name: Ashvin

Location: Bangalore

Super Collection of Gujarati Jokes

1733. no* 12.09.2009 07:45:58

Name: K.D.jheeba

Location: barmer(rajasthan)

sir lots OF thanks for great gujrati joks I like IT thanks again upload more

1734. no* 13.09.2009 17:46:29

Name: Jitendra

Location: Ahemdabad


1735. no* 16.09.2009 03:26:46

Name: vishal

Location: india

can i get the full original video clip of vanechand NO varghodo by shahbuddin rathod. i'll be very thankfuk to you.

1736. no* 17.09.2009 06:33:45

Name: Ashwin Sheth

Location: London

your web site does not respond to play.
it used to play but not anymore.
please let me know the reason

1737. no* 20.09.2009 06:04:17

Name: chetan

Location: jamnagar

wah wah wah
su mast joke chhe

1738. no* 29.09.2009 05:22:20

Name: amjad

Location: baroda

good work thats right

1739. no* 30.09.2009 05:24:32

Name: akal

Location: UK

hi, thank you very much for uploading gujarati jokes online. please keep updating and uploading thanks again! :)

1740. no* 02.10.2009 12:02:34

Name: S Kumar

Location: India

Dear Sir,
I am unable to play your best collection of Jokes online. I am using windows XP sp2 & Window Media Player 11 to play the file. I am asking your help for the same.

S Kumar

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