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Name: dbtech

Location: BC

I can't seem to find the link to download this file. Do you have a link or can you E-mail me the link

1742. no* 05.10.2009 14:40:13

Name: Dr Savji Patel

Location: Florida usa

I am quite impressed with gujarati jokes.I wish to download selected jokes & to burn to cd to listen while driving so friends also can listen How can I do it?I am unable to listen in my HP Vista How can I download codec to listen it-Dr Savji Patel Winter Park Florida usa

1743. no* 06.10.2009 23:41:28

Name: lalji

Location: Toronto

superb collection of the jokes. I like very much all programs, please tell me how can I copy the jokes in my usb.

1744. no* 08.10.2009 17:00:29

Name: ni*h

Location: shah

so nice. keep it up

1745. no* 11.10.2009 07:29:12

Name: Ankit Shah

Location: Rajkot

please give me a softcopy of sairam dave & vasant paresh - Gujarati jokes

1746. no* 11.10.2009 14:12:54

Name: Mustafa

Location: usa

Please send me jokes of 2009
All jokes are good, but, some of them have very low tone, and some have back-ground noises.If you can improve on these aspects.

1747. no* 19.10.2009 02:24:14

Name: Hiren

Location: usa

Thanks for maintaining this wonderful site. Please add more jokes as available.
Keep up the good work.
Cheer :)

1748. no* 21.10.2009 18:41:05

Name: palak

Location: mumbai

great... great... great...

1749. no* 22.10.2009 09:40:21

Name: jignesh patel

Location: usa

hiren u did nice job.u sould ad more jokes in this web site.this is realy nice site.i love to here gujju jokes.thanks lot for this work.

1750. no* 22.10.2009 18:01:54

Name: pankaj kumar

Location: huzbekistan

boot cd/usb is a bomb ..thanx

1751. no* 23.10.2009 05:28:53

Name: lalo

Location: south ohio

how to play jocks plz give me idea

1752. no* 31.10.2009 01:56:19