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Name: Hardik Patel

Location: Chicago

I not able to play any jokes. Please do needful.


1753. no* 10.11.2009 22:17:42

Name: prashant

Location: rajkot

online jokes sambhalva bhahu gamya kam saru 6e

1754. no* 15.11.2009 15:34:41

Name: spc Pass

Location: Iraq

hey, working at a help desk at fob Delta in Iraq, the people I replaced left behind a copy of the bootcd, however I'm looking for the new one, is there a download link that isn't posted?

1755. no* 15.11.2009 20:01:30

Name: raj

Location: usa

Your portal has files that are as old as 2007 would you up load your files with new jokes.
The one you have are nice but please upload with new files.

1756. no* 21.11.2009 00:01:10

Name: ramesh vaishnav

Location: surat

weldon wish you all the best,
maja padi gai

1757. no* 21.11.2009 15:08:49

Name: Pratik

Location: Jabalpur

Excellent jokes, very good

1758. no* 29.11.2009 08:48:56

Name: Bhavik

Location: Ahmedabad


I use this site very often.This is the only website which provide free Gujarati jokes.I have got 2 suggestions for you to make this site more popular.

1) Please give Downloading option so people can download their favourite artist's jokes.

2) this site was updated 2 years back. So please put some more jokes in this site. Personally I have listened all the jokes in this site. Now I have to repeat agin and agai. Specially of shahbuddin Rathod and Vasant Paresh.

Thanks ...

1759. no* 23.12.2009 06:15:20

Name: Bhumika

Location: India

Please Upload new jocks here.

1760. no* 25.12.2009 12:09:36

Name: Rajendrasinh Gohil

Location: Toronto

Hi Hiren, Thanks for sharing gujarati jokes.

1761. no* 27.12.2009 21:54:06

Name: chirag

Location: rajkot

I have western digit harddisk model IS WD1600bevt TO harddisk IS security lock and how TO unlock harddisk drive plz sujesation TO unlock harddisk..

1762. no* 28.12.2009 08:54:48

Name: Bob.

Location: Germany

Thanks for your wunderfull Boot-CD. Your Boot-CD is better than all i have found all over the world. This Multiboot-CD is very small, and very, very good. The Applications are very good collection. Thanks....and a good new Jear 2010...

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