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Name: Bhavin

Location: Atlanta, GA (usa)
I been listening these jokes since 2 yrs but recently i noticed that after listening one jokes, the "Play" button just deactivated, just want to know why and how can i activate again.
Please don't deactivated them, coz people in US loves these jokes and u did a great job in putting them together, but now don't deactivate them.

Bhavin Patel
Atlanta, GA

1778. no* 24.05.2010 16:35:31

Name: jigar

Location: melbourne

aare aama vashant paresh na dhiru na jokes kem play nathi thaya ??????????bija bhadha j chale che ............
n add some more jokes
thanks a lot

1780. no* 07.06.2010 04:01:56

Name: maulik

Location: good

joks funny

1781. no* 12.06.2010 03:41:48

Name: Bhavin

Location: Rajkot

nice collection if possible upload more ...i thought dhirubhai sarvaiya collection has been removed due to copu right...

try to upload more ...enjoying a lot...

thanking u ...:)

1782. no* 19.06.2010 10:45:53

Name: Puneet

Location: Mumbai

Thank You for this wonderful collection of gujarati jokes. It really keeps me laughing every time i listen it. It is really enjoyable. I am really grateful for it.
Tamaro khubb khubb aabhar

1783. no* 19.06.2010 21:58:26

Name: Troy

Location: UK

Excellent Site. Some really useful stuff

1784. no* 20.06.2010 08:15:39

Name: nirav

Location: ahmedabad,india

Excellent work. If you help us in download in .zip form as in office this is not allowed.

1785. no* 20.06.2010 16:42:19

Name: Dilip Vaddoriya

Location: surat

Super jocks

1786. no* 26.06.2010 13:31:12

Name: Ahmed

Location: Manchester

Thanks for the life in the uk test, i have just passed.

1787. no* 06.07.2010 05:22:46

Name: jigar

Location: melbourne

aare aaa jokes removed kem karya che my bro........upload it again yaar please

1788. no* 15.07.2010 20:54:11

Name: parmar

Location: Bhavnagar

I listened to many times this jokes web sites.
This is the only gujarati web site which gives pure

1789. no* 17.07.2010 23:23:59