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Name: Hasupatni

Location: Dubai

Hi, this is so good, best thing is have not to download..keep it up. try download some more

1825. no* 31.01.2011 21:49:40

Name: *u

Location: gujrati

fine mast che

1826. no* 07.02.2011 21:21:44

Name: TinyNewEyeball

Location: usa - midwest

Awesome! I hope a Windows 7 version is on the way, though, yes, many businesses seem to have been smart enough to stick with XP. Brilliant product, gents.

1827. no* 15.02.2011 01:08:12

Name: Virpal

Location: Bhavnagar

Your joke is amagine but please give facilities for mobile download

1828. no* 22.02.2011 20:22:19

Name: jayesh soni

Location: deesa

i liked jokes very much my all family liked jokes and this site also, if you add some collection of old gujarati songs every one will like it

1829. no* 06.03.2011 13:13:17

Name: Niraj

Location: CA

Thanks a lot, you guys have a great collection.

1830. no* 18.03.2011 05:04:29

Name: kavita

Location: New Jersey

Hello, When I try to play Gujarati Jokes, it complains "The required plugin is not installed.". Which plug-in would I need?


1831. no* 25.03.2011 18:58:17

Name: Nick

Location: Gouda, Nederland

Thumbs up for Hiren's boot CD! Love it. Use it daily for my work.

1832. no* 03.04.2011 19:02:03

Name: ashvin bhai

Location: surat

(54) Jitu Jokham - Jitubhai Dwarkawala 42:25

1833. no* 04.04.2011 15:29:14

Name: ton

Location: asia

how to download bootcd there's no link Y_Y

1835. no* 12.04.2011 20:05:31

Name: Mahmoud Reza

Location: Iran

they are too beautiful images in this site,thanks a lot .

1837. no* 17.04.2011 15:54:23