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Name: H.B.patel

Location: vaso

verry good program

1889. no* 10.02.2012 15:55:14

Name: nick

Location: bakersfield,ca

great site i applaud you. and thank you. trying to find out how to make the newer version using older. but it is awesome thanks

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Name: Rajive kumar .

Location: India

Very Nice your all Posting . Please upload New Jokes & mp3 gujarati Song . Thanks to all your Team members .

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Name: Dr.Kirby

Location: Dream Land

Nice site, I could use some of this stuff.

1894. no* 29.03.2012 23:09:56

Name: Danny

Location: Texas

Thanks for the Boot-CD...amazing.

1913. no* 23.12.2012 08:44:33

Name: same

Location: india

my administrator password is lost how to password recover please help send my email trick.

1915. no* 20.02.2013 13:24:02

Name: zer0day

Location: Germany

nice work, please keep going <3

1922. no* 16.11.2013 07:41:46

Name: gerard

Location: france

I like this much much

1929. no* 04.02.2015 16:50:07

Name: Colman Ryan

Location: Houston, Texas

Hiren and Pankaj have done an incredible job of combining utilities and operating systems. I am a 27 year IT veteran and I always have a usb drive on my key chain. I can work miracles with Hiren's boot drive. thanks!

1931. no* 05.02.2015 13:24:40

Name: A Ramji Ravariya

Location: Mumbai, India

Thanks for your wunderfull web page..

1934. no* 08.07.2015 09:29:12

Name: Hans

Location: Sverige

Thanks many times for your boot cd, it is very helpful!

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